Odoo Address Format

Where's the comma?

Adding a comma after the City

Sometimes it is the little things that bother me. When I first starting working with Odoo, I didn't like that a comma was missing after the city in most places for a United States address. I just wanted it there. After looking at customizations and third-party apps I finally found it is a very easy setup change to add in the comma.

This blog I will show you how to make that change, however, in the end, you may not want to.

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Missing Commas

One place you see the missing comma is the Sales screen. But you see it missing in several other screens including printed out pdf invoices and quotes.  As well as the online quote views.

So let's see how we get that dang comma in there.

Developer Mode

We need to be in developer mode to make the change. You can get to that in Settings | General Settings. It is located at the bottom under the Developer Tools. You have to have enough access rights to be able to do this.


Great! Once we got that we are now ready to make the change.

Contacts Configuration

The change is done in the Contacts App so you will need that app installed if you don't have it. Go to the Contacts app and go to Configuration | Localization | Countries.


Note: you can get to this screen without being in developer mode but you don't get the option to change the address format unless you are in developer mode.

In the upper-right search for and open “United States”.

Add a comma after the %(city)s in the third line.

How the code will look when finished:

%(city)s, %(state_code)s %(zip)s

That’s it. Most areas in Odoo use this to determine how to format the address.

Commas are there!

Commas will now show in Odoo.



All that being said. Official UPSP postal address formatting actually doesn’t use any punctuation. So using this for anything you are going to use as a printed out address that would be used on a package or a letter would not be officially correct.

USPS Address format reference: https://pe.usps.com/businessmail101?ViewName=DeliveryAddress

This was done in Odoo Version V13 Enterprise.

If you would Prefer a Youtube Video

Here is a quick video on how to do this also. 
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